Do you like to hear your favorite songs while you work? Then do it more often, since a study of the University of Windsor in Canada reveals that listening to music improves your work productivity.

Teresa Lesiuk, creator of the research published in the magazine Psychology of Music, states that seven out of 10 people achieve better concentration and their mood when they listen to music during their workday.

He explains that music favors the production of dopamine , hormone that generates a state of well-being, relaxation and concentration in most people, that is, influences our physical, mental and emotional health.

However, in information published in Publimetro, the researcher Teresa Lesiuk indicates that the effect of music works according to the age of the worker.


On the other hand, Eduardo Leal Beltrán, coordinator of the Master's Degree in Labor and Organizational Psychology at the UANL School of Psychology, clarifies that in Mexico, workers of manufacturing companies register the Burnout syndrome, characterized by attrition, apathy and job dissatisfaction.

In this case, if these workers listen to music compatible with their tastes during their work they will have a better performance and concentration, since music is a resource that, by incorporating itself into the senses, somehow inhibits tension favorably.

When listening to the music in an optimal volume, other noises are isolated, which avoids distraction and allows concentration in daily tasks. And you, how do you improve your work productivity? If you want to know more information about productivity, click here.

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