Tips to measure it

When we talk about blood pressure, it is common to compare it with other people's and this is not ideal; These levels vary depending on the age, gender and health of each person. To stop comparing it with others, we will show you the levels of blood pressure that you should have according to your age.

According to studies published by National Institutes of Health , United States, the low blood pressure , reduces the possibility of suffering cardiovascular problems s.

When the levels are high it is about hypertension and when they are low it is hypotension. Suffer from high pressure May cause cerebrovascular accidents and that's why it's considered more 'dangerous'.

It is measured as follows:

  • Systolic pressure: When the heart contracts and pumps blood to the vessels.
  • Diastolic pressure: The heart 'relaxes' and fills with blood


Tips to measure it


  • It is essential to be relaxed
  • Take the measurement at the same time
  • You must be seated, preferably with your back recharged
  • Place the tension meter sleeve three centimeters above the elbow
  • Do not talk when you take the pressure

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