What were Mandela's illnesses?

Jacob Zuma, current president of South Africa, confirmed that this day died former President Madiba, Nelson Mandela, after having deteriorated his health due to respiratory problems for some months, for which he had even been interned several times and connected to a ventilator.

According to information published in excelsior.com.mx , the former leader of the South African presidency Madiba died this day at the age of 95, in his home in Johannesburg, after his long battle to overcome the pulmonary infection.

Zuma openly expressed the mourning and feeling of the South African people after confirming the news in the media. "Madiba joined us and together we're going to fire him, our beloved Madiba will receive a state funeral."


What were Mandela's illnesses?

He was the first president of color in South Africa had been hospitalized in intensive care at the Mediclinic Heart Hospital in Pretoria on June 8, fighting a lung infection, then be discharged and sent to his home in Johannesbergo

However, this has not been the only disease he faced during his life, which was full of complications, according to information published by comercio.com.


Know them in this chronology!

1985. He is operated on the prostate after remaining 24 years in prison.
1988. He is transferred from prison to a hospital in Cape Town to receive treatment for tuberculosis.
1990. He undergoes surgery to remove a cyst in the bladder
1994. By medical recommendations, the then leader of the African National Congress (ANC), cancels all his political activities.
1999. After detecting prostate cancer, he says goodbye to the parliament to deal with the disease.
2001. It reveals the presence of prostate cancer in his body and remains seven weeks in radiotherapy treatments.
2011. Enter the hospital in Johannesburg for an acute respiratory infection (pneumonia).
2012. Registers a relapse of pneumonia
2012. At the end of this year, he is operated on to remove some stones from the gallbladder.
March 26, 2013. He is hospitalized for 10 days to treat a complication of his health due to pneumonia.
June 8, 2013. Re-enters hospital due to relapse of lung infection.

December 5, 2013. His death in Johannesburg is confirmed.

According to various sources, his family pleases him to make a heartfelt tribute even worldwide because Nelson Mandela is an icon of the strength of a man, the struggle for ideals and brotherhood between humans and nations.

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