What is Frexting?

The opinion of one woman over another can be more sincere that of a man? That is the basis for the frexting be a growing trend on Facebook, but what is frexting and what dangers bring?

Similar to sexting by sharing Photos with erotic content in social networks, the frexting is carried out only between women .

Natural reaction

For experts, sending images sensual between "friends" may be due to an apparent need to receive a approval "Objective" of his body.

In an interview with GetQoralHealth, the psychologist Vicenta Hernández Haddad , affirms that the content is not intended as a link, but nothing ensures that it does not reach excite other women.


A woman can have a excitement involuntary without it representing a homosexuality, but it can confuse them ”.

Dangerous 'cocktel'

1. Stroke. Depositing someone's approval can cost your self-esteem a lot.

2. Frustration Whoever receives the photo can be considered less attractive.

3. Vulnerable. As common as the practice is, personal data will always be vulnerable on the network.

4. Criminal act. Minors doing frexting can be considered child pornography and the family will be suspected.

5. Dangerous tie. If you end the friendship you never know what use they will give to your photos.


Remember that everything you throw at Internet you lose it forever. You do not have any control what will happen next "

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