What are emotions?

The work It's like a second home. Not only is it the place where we spend a lot of our time, but we also interact with diverse people. But what happens when pressures , the stress , the perfectionism and the competition they put us on the edge of our emotions .

Bruce Clarke, president of US firm Human Resources CAI, ensures that you know how to control our emotions is the key to professional success , but warns that to achieve this it is necessary to work day by day in certain aspects of our behavior.

An article published in the British newspaper The Guardian ensures that a weak managing our emotions low a lot stress can cause conflicts between co-workers and lead to promote behaviors such as mobbing .


What are emotions?

A emotion is a psychophysiological reaction to the stimuli that a person receives when they perceive an object, person, place, event, danger or important memory. Involves feelings like joy , love , hate , go to , terror , among others.

Emotions can trigger the frustration , irritation , concern , dislike , unhappiness Y disappointment . If you recognize yourself as a victim of your own impulses and are affecting your work life, it is time to act.


An emotional tsunami

Know how to control each of the feelings we experience throughout the day in the work environment in a titanic task because it is difficult to keep calm before situations that make us go from the joy to crying or to go to .

If you have noticed that emotions begin to affect your work life because you redeeming has gone down, it is hard for you to concentrate, you do not feel motivated, you are irritable or you make more mistakes, these ideas can stimulate a more positive attitude .

1. Observe yourself. Bruce Clarke He advises that the first step in controlling emotions is to observe ourselves to recognize our reactions to various emotional situations. It is important to be honest to know what most affects job performance.

2. Learn to be positive. Positive thoughts help develop or potentiate creativity and mitigate negative emotions, Barbara Lee Fredrickson, professor in the department of psychology at the University of North Carolina .

3. Express. If you believe it prudent, go to your boss and express what affects your performance or if you feel overwhelmed or stressed by so much work .

4. Release your emotions. Look for options that help you get free as you do exercise , listen to music or look for a hobby of your interest . Repressing your emotions could damage your Health .

5. Seek to adapt. So that your emotions do not affect your Laboral life You will have to learn to accept the changes and get used to them, this approach will give you a favorable perspective of the situations.

There are more advantages you will have when learning to control your emotions. If you do so, you will stay healthier and avoid problems cardiac , nervous or digestive , it states Rozzana Sánchez, professor at the Faculty of Psychology of the National Autonomous University of Mexico .

The Current work life demands not only of people with great professional performance, but also of personnel with a balanced emotional control to generate harmonious environments . So there will be focus on our emotions to affect our work .

Video Medicine: The science of emotions: Jaak Panksepp at TEDxRainier (December 2022).