How to be a full and happy woman?

A few days ago I met a dear newlywed friend. When I asked her how she was, she answered me more or less, because she does not see her husband as much as she wants. And his response left me reflecting on how we women are: we are never happy.

The married we long for the freedom of single women. Single women want the safety of married women. The divorced We want to get married. Those who do not have a boyfriend envy those who have partner . Those who have a partner are looking forward to their boyfriend changing, even if only a little. Those who have small children are very tired and those of us who have large children suffer from the syndrome of the empty nest. Those who have an only child dream of giving him a brother and those who do not have children complain about it.

What do we need to be happy? Love what it is. As you are today, right now with what you have and what you do not have. By recognizing and observing what we do have, we can realize that we do not need to change anything to be grateful for life. What it is, is perfect. Everything is ordered. All we need is to change our attitude .

Next, we present you a video of Ricardo Ponce who imparts the knowledge towards oneself , to achieve the happiness that we all have, but that we sometimes refuse to see:

With a positive attitude and genuine gratitude, everything is better. Thanks at this moment for at least 20 aspects of your life. I guarantee you a few minutes of true joy. Happy day and never stop smiling!

Video Medicine: How to Be a Vibrant, Happy Woman with Happiness Expert Dr. Jen Riday (May 2022).