More women die from heart attack than from cancer

From 50 years of age the first cause of death in women they are the affections of the heart. Even with more victims than breast cancer.

While 1 in 8 will develop cancer (regardless of the type) throughout his life , at least 1 in 3 will die of heart attack or stroke, indicated for, Dr. Alejandro Alcocer Chauvet , specialist in cardiology.

He said that heart disease is more aggressive in women than in men, since they have 50% more chance of die in the first year after of a heart attack and almost twice as much as suffering a second in the next six years.

The specialist indicated that heart disease (or ischemic heart disease) does not really discriminate sexes. In men, the symptoms appear between 35 and 40 years, while in women the symptoms appear a decade later.

As of menopause, the female gender is more prone to suffer from heart problems due to the fact that with hormonal reduction they lose the cardiovascular protection offered by estrogen.

Unfortunately, heart diseases are asymptomatic in the early stages, so attention may be delayed.

In 2008, the Ministry of Health reported a general mortality associated with ischemic heart disease of 57,271 cases, of which 25,943 were women and 31,328 were men. But when adding the cerebrovascular events by gender, the number increased markedly.