Treatments vs cellulite

The cellulitis is an aesthetic problem that is characterized by the presence of nodulations in the skin . It appears on the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, arms and bust. Nowadays, there are different treatments to eliminate the cellulitis ; GetQoralHealth tells you which are the most effective.

1. Weight Loss: If the cellulitis It is produced by fat deposits, it makes sense that losing weight will be a good strategy. In the next video, you know how to form cellulitis by accumulation of fat:

2. Use of creams: One study found that applying a cream with 0.3% of retinol in the area for six months improves the appearance of the cellulitis . The theory is that the retinol stimulates tissues of the skin To make it thicker, it covers the masses or protuberances of the cellulitis .

3. Massage: There is a method called "Lipomassage" , which kneads skin with a combination of massage and suction. This technology serves for the temporary reduction in the appearance of the cellulitis .

4. Radiofrequency: Its mechanism of action is to reach tissue fatty tissue and start eliminating it. It is designed to stimulate the stretching of the skin and soften the bumps.

5. Laser devices: They are designed to access the tissue connective, help build collagen and strengthen the skin .

If you want to delete the cellulitis you can choose any of these methods to combat it; previously you should consult your doctor so that you follow the most suitable for you.

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Video Medicine: Use Coffee Grounds to Reduce Cellulite (May 2022).