Tips for eating out and living together

Eating away from home, besides being fun and entertaining, is a good excuse to live with the family . However, this does not mean that they stop taking certain precautions to guarantee the health of your food.

In this regard, the Food and Drug Administration of the United States (FDA) gives you the following recommendations for when you eat out of home .

Remember that it is necessary that all people, especially minors and older adults, take into account these tips, as they are more susceptible to contracting certain infections. Take note!

1.-When you go out to eat observe the cleanliness of the site, even before you sit down. If it does not meet your standards, you may prefer to eat elsewhere.

2.- Regardless of where you are going to eat, always ask for a well-cooked meal, at a safe internal temperature. Remember that foods such as meat, chicken, fish and eggs must be well cooked, so that harmful bacteria are destroyed.

3.- Verify that the utensils are clean. Otherwise, ask to be changed.

4.-Do not forget to wash your hands, before and after eating.

These simple, but useful tips will help you take care of your body and make sure you eat healthy foods.

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