Staying active helps to grow old happily

Everyone we will grow old . The years accumulate starting at 20. It is as inevitable as the lifetime and the death . To think that something will happen does not mean that it will happen soon. However, there are those who at eighty are forgetful and inactive, and find it difficult to move to work or play sports.

That is one heritage that they themselves determine and although genes influence the result, does not mean that you can not do something about it. According to a study carried out by the foundation John and Catherine MacArthurIt seems that genes are only a small part of the aging process. The rest depends on the person. Here are some proposals for age well.


  1. Stay active . A common mistake we make is to associate age with oxidized bones and inactivity. It should not be the case. The more active a person is, the better they will be, because exercise helps strengthen bones. Remember the theory of use and disuse. The part that we use least of our body will not work.
  2. Exercise your mind . One of the tricks to avoid Alzheimer's it is mental activity. Solve crosswords, read the newspaper daily, be aware of the daily news, discuss with children or grandchildren. Use your mind.
  3. Have a purpose . Another secret to aging well is to have a purpose in life when we are older. Find an activity that interests you, a past hobby or something new.

Video Medicine: How to Be Happy Every Day: It Will Change the World | Jacqueline Way | TEDxStanleyPark (March 2024).