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Within the framework ofWorld Diabetes Day which is celebrated every November 14, GetQoralHealth Y Neuroqoral They want to show you that a life after diabetes is possible; through an experience that will change the way you take care of your health and the people you love.

Diabetes is a health problem that affects millions of people. According to data from the Mexican Diabetes Federation, the disease is among the leading causes of death in the country.


It is part of "DiabetesQoral by Neuroqoral"

A unique event, unprecedented and within your reach; which will have several workshops given by experts specialized in each area that concerns the diabetes and that they will help you to better understand that life does not end because of having this disease or trying to prevent it.

They are the ones who will make you see that living to the fullest depends only on you ...


1. Yoga with Ana Paula Domínguez

"Postures to regulate blood glucose"


2. Nutrition with Rocío Adame

"Conscious feeding"


3. Sexuality with Edelmira Cárdenas

"Full sexual life in diabetes"


4. Biodescodificación with Cristina Cano Martínez

"Emotional causes of diabetes"


5. Dermatology with Dr. Raymundo Ramírez Serrallonga

"The importance of caring for your skin"

With the help of the experts of the event you will achieve a better life, your health and your body will thank you.

Do not miss it and live the experience DiabetesQoral by Neuroqoral !

The appointment is this Saturday November 12 in the esplanade Benito Juarez delegation (in front of the Deer Park) from 10:00 am.

If you are interested in attending the event, write to @GetQoralHealth or send an email to We are waiting for you!


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