This is the perfect body of a man and it is not what you think

If you think that women are the only ones who suffer the social pressure to be beautiful, look thin and young, you are wrong.

Men also suffer from it and a study done in the United Kingdom proves it.

Men and women were interviewed for research about how a man's perfect body should be.

62% of men consider that women are attracted to men with striking features, such as Justin Bieber's hair, the face of actor Gerard Butler, the shoulders of Hugh Jackman, the torso of model David Gandy, and the legs of the soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo.

While 72% of women reported preferring men with less salient features, such as Prince Harry's hair, the face of actor James Corden, the arms of the presenter and comedian "Paddy" McGuinness, and the torso of the rugby player Ben Cohen.

Men with a toned body are, at first, considered more attractive, but the man with a little fat on the waist is the one who wins at the end of the day. "

Well they say that "tastes break genres" and more about how must a man's perfect body be , especially when having a relationship this is the last thing that matters because your attitude, personality and way of being will be definitive for you to choose to be with him.


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