Take advantage of the power to extend your life expectancy!

If you knew how much time do you have left to live What would you do? Would you put aside your cell phone to focus on things you would really enjoy? Or would you be willing exercise more and procure your body?

Even if you do not believe it, it is possible to know how much time do you have left to live so that you have the opportunity to pursue new goals and create a better version of you. Just enter your data here .


Take advantage of the power to extend your life expectancy!

The best way to know the time you have left to live is through the life expectancy . Currently, the average is 71 years, which is equivalent to 25 thousand 915 days and countless opportunities to overcome limits and be better every day.

However, many times those goals are not achieved because they forget the basic and important things such as caring for the body, and those habits that only take years are prioritized.

For example, 41% of the time of life goes to look at electronic devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop and others), while 0.69% is used to exercise, according to a study of Reebok and the Global Censuswide Consultant.

If you do not want to be part of these figures, it is time for you to become active and commit yourself to live more with higher quality. An example of this is the native broker of Manitoba, Debbie Suzuki , who at 60, participates in competitions such as Grand Canadian Death Race and Iron Man . Check the video

Remember that if you exercise you not only shape your body, but you lengthen your life, increase your well-being and have the capacity to become a better human being. Put aside your cell phone and start living!


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