Staying seated increases the chances of dying

According to a study conducted by the American Cancer Society , being six hours sitting a day, increases the chances of dying. Women have 37% more risk of death, compared to those who only sit three hours a day.

In the case of sedentary men, the risk of mortality is 18% higher. All this, despite the fact that people do some exercise, because even when playing sports, the chances of dying if you are sitting so long, do not diminish.

Obviously if this is added to the lack of exercise or physical activity, the statistics get worse. Women have more than 90% die if they remain seated and without exercising, compared to those who do. While in men, there are 48% more likely to die than people who are more active.


You end up with hormones

The American Cancer Society , revealed that when we sit down, we suppress the hormones that regulate the production of triglycerides Y cholesterol , which in turn can trigger Heart problems :

"Sitting for prolonged periods has an impact on health and shortens life even if one is active," said Alpa Patel, lead author of the study.

"Regardless of whether one is in an office or on a sofa, resting for long periods is dangerous," Patel said.

The report emphasized that sedentary individuals should get up frequently from your chair , either in the office or at home and walk even if it's only a few minutes. The study followed 123,121 people during a period of 14 years.

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