Skin cancer, silent disease ...

Sun exposure generates satisfaction and well-being in people; however, according to information from the Mexican Foundation for Dermatology (FMD), those who today enjoy the pleasure of solar rays, will possibly be part of 20% of young people under 35 who will increase, within 10 years, the list of skin cancer victims.

Although, is there no way to avoid it ?, is skin cancer always manifested through moles? In all cases is it fatal? How many treatments are there, are the same to treat cancer located in other areas of the skin? body ?, how is the life of a fighter against skin cancer?

If all these questions turn in your head GetQoralHealth presents you the following photo gallery.

However, if you want to know more about skin cancer Mexican Association for the Fight against Cancer gives you the following video:

Video Medicine: How Skin Cancer Spreads-Mayo Clinic (February 2023).