Sensuality for all occasions

Regardless of whether you celebrate a special date, you can increase the pleasure to you partner when putting into practice 5 funny tips that elevate your eroticism .

According to a study of the Autonomous Metropolitan University : "the eroticism it can be found in a look, gesture or pledge. Other erotic manifestations could be a dance, the movement of the body, the words and how they are pronounced, with the cadence with the intentionality that is said. "

For you to enhance your sensuality and routine or shyness do not win, GetQoralHealth presents you with a list of fun tips that elevate your eroticism.


Sensuality for all occasions

1. Take dance lessons. An infallible proposal to awaken your eroticism in a funny way it is through dancing. Find the opportunity to take dance classes, as it is an excellent tool body expression , communication in the couple and of course something suggestive and sensual, says Ezequiel López Peralta in his book The infinite eroticism.

2. Talk to the ear. The ears are a part erogenous of the body and help to awaken the imagination , hence whispering words with a soft and exciting tone. You also help eliminate the negative thoughts of the mind.

3. Make a call. In accordance with Laurent Marchal , psychologist and professor of Konrad Lorenz University of Bogotá , Colombia, states that "in certain contexts it is easier to talk about issues sexual over the phone for fear of showing physical signs such as turning red or sweating. "

This practice is a way to express feelings and generate expectation and desire to invite a later sexual encounter.

4. Perfume yourself. A study of Monell Chemical Senses Center of Philadelphia , United States, says that using perfume makes you more attractive, as they modify the way they perceive you.


Janina Seubert , cognitive neuroscientist, states that the pleasant smell and attractive Facial are integrated into a joint emotional evaluation. This may indicate a common neuronal processing site in the brain .

5. Make delicate stimuli. Caresses are the perfect preamble to awaken the eroticism . As he says Ezequiel López Peralta , these stimuli are a formula to produce more intense sensations, for being part of one of the five most important human senses.

So you can consider some of these tips to elevate your eroticism and enjoy a pleasant intimacy. Which one would you like to put into practice or has it worked for you?

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