1. Condom caipirinha flavor:

When it comes to increasing satisfaction in a sexual relationship, the imagination and creativity of a couple has no limits; maybe you like to wear clothes that add more sensuality to your personality, aromas and foods that raise the pleasure or sex toys that complement your more roguish side in bed.

This time we have selected 5 condoms that due to their shape, colors, flavors and styles, are an excellent option to add a touch of humor to your relationship and raise that perfect satisfaction you are looking for.


1. Condom caipirinha flavor:

The Brazilian brand of condoms Prudence, created a limited edition of condoms that have a national touch, as it not only has the characteristic green and yellow colors of the Brazilian flag, but also have a caipirinha flavor. The latex of these condoms has been modified with essences ofCachaça, sugar and lemon .

It should be noted that condoms do not contain alcohol, as it is intended to raise awareness of the impact of the consumption of these beverages in the sexual act.

Video Medicine: Brazil: Score like Neymar with caipirinha flavoured condoms (September 2022).