Say yes to the natural

With the arrival of the national holidays, come the excesses in food and drink. Hence, many of the consultations during these days are because of stomach upsets.

The worst part of the case is when your stomach hurts and you are not at home, you do not know what to do or what to drink. But calm, with the following remedies for stomach pain You will manage to feel good.

Fortunately, the discomforts are usually not serious and can be remedied with these tips from the University of Exeter (United Kingdom) that proved useful in a study conducted in people with stomach upsets.


Say yes to the natural

1. Boil 30 grams of chamomile flowers in a liter of water for 20 minutes. Take a cup and drink it slowly so that the effects are better.

2. Place a warm compress on top of the abdomen and massage circularly slowly and gently.

3. Pour a tablespoon of cinnamon, basil, anise and mint in half a liter of water. Boil for 10 minutes and drink one cup of this preparation three times a day until the discomfort subsides.

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