This is the best trick to combat sprain pain

If you have suffered any, you will know perfectly well that the pain it causes is unbearable. But, would you have imagined that it is possible to relieve it with a sock?

In fact one of the remedies to cure a sprain faster is to apply hot fomentations with either these sachets filled with hot seeds or water-filled pillies.

But, if you do not have one of these bags and you need to calm the pain of a sprain, I have a super tip: a sock with rice.

The trick was handed to me by my doctor and you just have to fill the sock with rice and put it in the microwave.

What a wonder, I fall, for an emergency is great: it removes muscle aches, sprains, colic, etc. I even put it on my neck when I'm dead and stressed; Do it and you will see how it relaxes you.

Of course, I warn you that the rice will smell a little peculiar ha ha ha, so I recommend this Tip: break the bag of a chamomile tea and sprinkle it inside the sock; another option is to put lavender, it is very relaxing.

I hope you serve this home remedy, for me it has been a marvel.

Courtesy of Lola told me @MelodijoLola

Video Medicine: Mayo Clinic Minute: Ankle sprains 101 (May 2021).