Papilla created by students of the IPN

Given the lack of options in the market, in December 2009, students from the IPN designed a nutritious porridge for older adults. The substance is rich in calcium, proteins and antioxidants, in addition to fibers . The objective is to cover the nutritional needs of this population.

The team of students of the ninth semester of the career of biochemical engineering of the National School of Biological Sciences, consisting of: Miguel Peña Ramírez, Ricardo Ruiz Saucedo, José Alonso Hernández, Irma Gamero Miguel and Andrea Robles Aguilar, created this food, and added that to maintain the health of the older adult, the feeding has to be balanced and sufficient.

The porridge should be composed of proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and antioxidants that promote the proper functioning of the body.

For the preparation of the porridge, they used premium raw materials and special ingredients, considering that some elderly people suffer from diabetes or are lactose intolerant. In its elaboration, skim milk was used, sweetened with sucralose in substitution of sugar, milk, cornstarch, rice flour, grenetina, strawberries and blueberries that contain polyphenols (antioxidants able to diminish the radicals), besides fiber to facilitate the digestion .

In order to offer a food that does not require the process of chewing, the porridge has a creamy consistency, for which they performed multiple tests and, at the same time, required standardizing the thermal process, in order to preserve the nutrients intact.

To keep the porridge in good condition it is important to keep the food in refrigeration, since it lacks artificial preservatives.

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