Obesity affects balance in older adults

Falls are often seen as a problem for frail older adults, because their bones are especially prone to fractures ; but the obesity carries its own risks, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.

"Obese people may have more difficulties with the Balance "said Christine Himes, co-author of the study and according to the publication of the Huffington post. When obese older adults lose the Balance , they may be less able to react quickly and avoid a fall.

According to research conducted among 10,755 people aged 65 and older, it was determined that obese older adults were between 12 and 50 percent more likely to suffer a fall than their peers. normal weight . Those probabilities increased due to the level of obesity .

In fact, reports indicate that severely or moderately obese people were at greater risk of long-term disability after falls, compared to those who presented obesity mild.

Although other studies reveal that thinner people tend to fall more than obese people, the difference is that the obesity severely damages the Balance and that these older adults, in case of falling and hurting themselves, are more prone to a disability.

It is harder for obese people to recover from a injury . To begin with, they are not in good physical shape and the damage to Balance , bones and joints It is usually irreversible.

This is one more reason why the obesity It is considered an important health problem worldwide that affects, and will affect, every day more people in adult stages of their lives.

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