When we go on vacation it is because we want to rest, but it is also good to add a little activity so that our body is full of energy and we take better advantage of the trip.

These five activities are the most recommended when you go on vacation, because whatever your destination, you can always find a space to practice and keep fit while having fun.



Skating offers us the same benefits as going for a jog or a long walk. The strength is concentrated in the abdomen and legs, because although it seems simple, it requires a lot of skill and technique.

A routine of at least 20 or 30 minutes is enough to activate you in the morning and enjoy your vacation. Try to wear a helmet and knee pads.


Tennis or fronton

These racket exercises are ideal for when you go on vacation. Many hotels include this activity and it is great to burn fat, strengthen and tone the body.

The racket sports you can practice individually or as a couple, they are perfect for summer.


Climbing or abseiling

If you like to visit the mountain or some Magical Town, you can choose activities such as hiking, climbing or rappeling.

These exercises give you strength and tone the muscles, plus you live with nature and know the place of your choice. There are traced routes that are safer and it is recommended that you go in a group with the necessary safety equipment.



The inevitable if you are at the edge of the sea, in a forest or in a big city. Going for a run for at least 20 minutes helps you oxygenate your body and work your muscles.

When you run on the beach the impact is greater, so you should be careful with your knees and moderate your intensity and journey.


Volleyball or soccer / beach

Nothing is more fun than a game or a challenge on the beach, whether football, bascket or volleyball, is the perfect excuse to live with who you go on the trip.

If this is not so easy, throwing the fresbee is another option, where your pet can also participate.

The important thing is that you do not completely forget the physical activity while you vacation.

Video Medicine: Inline skating (rollerblading) team skating (May 2021).