People with low weight

Although ginger has many health benefits, its effects can be harmful for some.

The people who should not eat ginger They have to take into account if they are presenting any medical condition or taking any medication that may be counterproductive when combined with this root.

A study of University of Maryland reveals for those who are contraindicated ginger. If you love to consume it but fall into this group of people, avoid it. Take note!


People with low weight

The ginger It has been shown to be an appetite suppressant, stimulates metabolism and burns fat. So if your goal is to increase muscle mass and weight, forget it.


If menstruation came to you

Some women experience extra menstrual bleeding when they take ginger intensively. Ginger is a vasodilator, so when taken in high amounts can increase bleeding during menstruation.


People with heart disease

Consuming ginger frequently can cause cardiac problems such as cardiac arrhythmias or, in extreme cases, infarction.


Pregnant women

The ginger It contains stimulants that can cause premature contractions and cause premature labor.

People with blood disorders

Although the ginger significantly improves circulation, in patients with hemophilia can have side effects.


Those who take certain medications

The people who should not eat ginger are those that are under treatment of anticoagulants and beta blockers.


Patients with diabetes

This root reduces blood sugar and, as such, is excellent for type 2 diabetes. However, people who take medications (such as metformin and insulin injections) can be counterproductive.

The ginger It is a safe food when consumed in moderation. Those people who should not eat ginger It's just a matter of telling a specialist to assess your medical condition if you use it at some time.


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