Tips to eat during pregnancy

If you wish keep a healthy weight and acquire the nutrients you and your baby need, here we tell you how to achieve it, so that you are healthy and you increase only the ideal one kilo per month.

It's a lie that the fact that you're pregnant allows you to overeat; You run the risk of being an obese mom and consequently, that the risks of your baby being overweight, increase.

According to the gynecologist, Gerardo Tinoco, what you must do to eat healthily and look more beautiful than ever, is the following:

1. Consume before pregnancy, 5 milligrams per day folic acid and if you are pregnant, you can consume 8 milligrams a day.

2. Reduce juice intake ; opt for fruits, such as apple, pear or a medium plate of papaya. These fruits contain few calories and are rich in antioxidants and minerals.

3.- Consume iron: You can find this mineral in red meat and green vegetables such as spinach, pumpkins and lettuce. Iron helps to better metabolize fats and foods.

4. Prefer the skim milk , because it contains less fat, it is easier to digest and your body converts it into muscle and not into fat.

5.- Limit your salt intake , because the excess of sodium will cause you to retain liquids, you swell and consequently you feel more inflamed; This could make you gain weight.

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