Point out unmistakably!

Falling in love is wonderful, you feel that you can do everything, you have more energy, you are happy and all this is due to several chemical reasons in your body.

An important step for their recovery, since love is made up of a chemical explosion, a search for correct genes and a response of evolution to find better conditions for reproduction, "describes Helen Fisher of Rutgers University.


Point out unmistakably!

He looks at you with "sheep's eyes half-dead", it is possible that no one has observed the look of this animal before the end of his life; However, this saying refers to a truth: falling in love generates physical changes. Discover them!


1. Increase your temperature and activate your body

A study published in the National Academy of Sciences , affirms, through emotional maps how love stimulates specific areas of the body through sensations and temperature: in particular, the head, chest and abdomen arms, and almost never the legs.


2. Change your skin

Love increases the levels of estrogen, which causes the skin to improve its appearance: it looks more hydrated and, therefore, healthy and young.


3. Smile more

After a kiss, especially if it is pleasant and with an affectionate bond, it causes the brain to release a dose of dopamine, which generates happiness; that is, after this contact your partner should smile more, which translates into a sign of unequivocal love.


4. They walk slow

In a studySeattle Pacific University, published in the magazine PlosOne, it is detailed that when a man is in love and goes with his partner, the rhythm of his walk diminishes.


5. Alter the size of the pupils

According to Alonso Fernández, expert of Department of Pharmacobiology of the Center for Research and Advanced Studies (Cinvestac), love alters the sympathetic system, that is, it increases the blood supply, which alters some functions of the organism; example, the size of the pupils.


In addition to these physical changes, a man when in love tends to change his behavior; imitates in some features that of his partner, for example, his way of sitting or in some gestures.


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