Pleasure hidden?

Men are not the only consumers of adult films, in fact the site PornHub, the most popular in these contents, indicates that 23% of its visitors are women. And although they can help your sexuality , the myths that they present also can harm it.

This kind of movies abound in "lies" in order to achieve their goal, to stimulate to the viewer Because they are designed more for men, although women do get excited, the prospect of sex is biased, he says Walter H. Ghedin , psychotherapist author of "Types in the bed" .

In this sense, one of the main problems that may arise are the myths about how the male performance in sex To know them, Elsy Reyes , sexologist and comunicóloga, presents them in the following video of his "Alcove".


Pleasure hidden?

Although now the woman has more sexual openness, many see "xxx" movies generates mixed feelings, because they consider that resorting to them is negative, but her body asks her to continue observing, indicates the psychotherapist Phillip Hodson .


The mind has an immediate effect on the human body, mind and psyche, so disapprove what you see, "says Hodson, who is a specialist in the British Association of Counseling and Psychoterapy .

While it's not bad, the excesses when watching adult films is not good either, since according to a study published in JAMA Psychiatry , men who see too much present brains less active, due to the intense stimulation of the center of pleasure .

Enjoy these types of movies, but do not forget that they are finally just a performance and their myths can hurt you. Enjoy your pleasure!

Video Medicine: Mukhauta | Episode 1 | Hidden Side Of Pleasure | Original Web Series 2018 | Ridheema Tiwari (August 2022).