Hydrate and fight the heat

Currently the warmest time of the year is recorded, so measures must be taken to prevent the insolation , Burns and the diseases gastrointestinal In addition, it is essential that people drink liquids that promote hydration.

According to National Metereological Service , the high temperatures in Mexico City are approaching the record recorded on May 9, 1998, when the thermometer set 33.9 degrees Celsius.

For this reason, you should drink plenty of fluids to improve the hydration of your body and that benefit your body by promoting the elimination of toxins Y fats . Here we give you five drinks that combine fruits and herbs that will surely refresh your body before the heat wave.

1.- An explosion of citrus fruits: Blend a few pieces of pineapple, papaya and crushed ice to taste. If you like you can add some sugar substitute, but it is not necessary thanks to the sweetness of the fruit. This drink will help improve your metabolism , so it will be easier to eliminate fats Y toxins ; In addition, it facilitates digestion .

2.- A hit of freshness: Blends natural apple juice, mint and ice. This mixture will detoxify your body and provide hydration on a hot afternoon.

3.- Hydration to the maximum: Mix watermelon and crushed ice in a blender. Add a little sugar substitute and enjoy a delicious, refreshing and antioxidant drink, which is also low in calories .

4.- Anti-aging drink: Blend a little orange juice and carrot with crushed ice. With this you will increase your hydration and you will fill your body with an excellent antioxidant mobile.

5.- Moisturizing and energizing coconut: Coconut water is a refreshing and natural drink very nutritious, because it is low in calories and is rich in fiber, vitamins and potassium. Its intake prevents the constipation , the overweight , the infections urinary osteoporosis , and better yet, your hydration will be 100%.

Do not forget that it is essential to drink simple water, so that you have proper hydration and fight sunstroke and dehydration. In case of having any symptoms like skin red, accelerated pulse, headache , dizziness , sickness and, in extreme cases, loss of memory or contraction of muscles involuntary, immediately go to the doctor. And you, how cool in these hot days?

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