Great popularity

The passion for the selfies is taken to the plane sexual . Now, researchers from the Wageningen University in the Netherlands they claim that this practice is a sign of low erotic activity.


"The addicts to the selfie evaluate their level of wellness in the image they build of themselves, using the technology for handle the image real and so to sell something that does not exist, without understanding that life is not photoshop", assures Christyntjes Van Gallagher , author of this investigation.

The study, Het van fotograferen ontbering en eenzaamheid compare the reality of the protagonists and concludes that many use this fashion to hide your insecurity and absence of sex .

An addict to selfies gets to publish in their social networks 45 images a month on average, which can be a way to release the lack of satisfaction sexual , then according to researchers dutch , only 17% of these maintain relations sexual regularly.


Great popularity

In 2002, selfies were mentioned for the first time in a forum of internet in Australia ; with the rise of smartphones they became very popular . Even, in 2013 it was selected by the Oxford dictionaries as "The word of the year" .


A selfie is a self-portrait that normally captured with the camera of a smartphone and published on social networks as Instagram , Twitter and Facebook. It is estimated that their employment has grown 17 thousand% in the recent year.

This practice has become trends in Instagram , with the hashtag #aftersex , couples take a picture after having sex and they share it in this social network .


Lack of sexual activity and something else

This new research adds to the classification of the American Psychiatric Association which states that the selfitis "It is the desire compulsive obsessive to take pictures of oneself and post them in social media as a way of make up for the lack of self esteem and to fill a gap in the privacy ".

A selfies addict gets to publish in his social networks 45 images per month on average

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