Taste that will light your privacy ...

The benefit of a feeding Balanced can extend to areas that go beyond having a good weight; can be the ideal element to make a conventional night an experience full of wish, passion and pleasure.

In accordance with Ángel Ruiz Ejarque, sexologist, there are some foods that have a dilating action and especially relaxation , because they contribute aesthetics to sexual arousal due to their shape and the environment they create; example, oysters combined with champagne.


Taste that will light your privacy ...

Either as food or part of a erotic game , there are fruits, spices and vegetables that can change the way your body feels and enjoys the sex . Here we reveal 5 of them. Would you dare to try them?

1. Ginseng In accordance with Massimo Marcone, professor of the Department of Food Sciences of the UoG in Canada and author of the study published in Food Research International, ginseng, a plant whose root is used in traditional Chinese medicine, has effects on the stimulation of the impulse and the sexual performance .

2. Brazil nut. A study of University of Padua The diets low in selenium with male sterility. The selenium prevents the oxidation of sperm, which improves its quality.

3. Watermelon Scientists from Texas in the United States reveals that citrulline and arginine, which trigger the production of nitric oxide, a compound that relaxes the blood vessels of organism. And the best thing is that for watermelon you do not need a recipe.

4. Vanilla ice cream. According to the Smell and Taste Research and Treatment Foundation of Chicago , the vanilla can increase the fblood luxury to the penis

5. Rucola. It is able to absorb and eliminate polluting substances that reduce the libido, while the fig improves sexual life due to its high content of fiber . .

Remember that everything is allowed in sexuality, as long as there is respect and trust. However, although these foods can improve the sex, there is no better aphrodisiac than creativity.

Enjoy your sexuality responsibly!

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