Gout causes kidney failure

The drop is an inflammatory disease related to metabolism of uric acid, because it occurs when a person overproduces it or because it can not be discarded, reported Gabriela Huerta Sil , physician attached to the Rheumatology Service of the General Hospital of Mexico .

This condition occurs most frequently in men between the second and third decade of life, whose symptomatology is pain, inflammation and limitation of movement in the joint where the acid accumulated.

According to the specialist, the onset is sudden: the person falls asleep and the pain e inflammation they awaken it, hence it can be extended to knees , ankles , elbows or hands .

However, it occurs most often on the big toe. When time passes and control is not adequate, there is destruction of tendons, ligaments and deformities.

Eating habits influence the development of drop ; There are some foods that increase the production of purines, which are the substrate for the formation of uric acid.

To learn a little more about purines and how to reduce the intake of foods that raise acid levels, in GetQoralHealth we present you a video of the nutritionist Dr. Charlotte Lawson, from Michigan State University:

In fact, there is no contraindicated food, according to Dr. Huerta. "This is a curable disease, as soon as the patient improves their uric acid, the pictures of inflammation and pain, however they must have a permanent feeding control and take medication for a long time. "

The acid is found in the blood, but if it is too much it can not be dissolved and it is deposited in the form of crystals in joints , soft tissues or in the kidney , where it causes intense pain, urinary tract infection and, if there is not adequate treatment, it can cause renal insufficiency .

Therefore, the medical recommendation is to combine foods that elevate the production of uric acid with those that lower it; that is, form a balance and consume more fruits and vegetables.

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Video Medicine: Gout (December 2022).