Get over it and give love another chance!

"In a breakup Generally there are two roles: a person who had already thought about ending the relationship and another who had not realized or does not want to end the relationship. The first does not affect the decision as much as the second, which is capable of experiencing a state of shock. "


"The person who makes the decision to finish the relationship it has been processing the loss for some time and preparing the grieving, so the separation does not affect him so much, "he says. Mario Guerra, partner relations specialist for

Instead, people who were not prepared and surprised by the decision experience a series of emotions such as disappointment, frustration, sadness and resentment.


Get over it and give love another chance!

So that you do not get devastated, eliminate the love of your life or prevent impulsive decisions that can generate more failures and disappointments, Mario Guerra gives you the following tips.

Accept reality

Although your emotions are totally altered, it is important that you realize that the separation is real and avoid illusion with a possible return.


"The break is real and the relationship is over"

Recognize how you feel

Accept any feeling you experience, be it pain, sadness, anxiety, anger, nostalgia and resentment.

Channel emotions in a healthy way such as talking with people, friends, in therapy.

Enter survival mode

If the break was very strong for various reasons, you may not want to eat, go out or see someone. Then eat, sleep and only the necessary time is left, but do not isolate yourself from your family or friends.

Remember that you need the support of the people who love you. Your goal is not to feel good, but to feel as little as possible.

Do not spy on your ex-partner

These moments are uncomfortable because you will realize that he continues with his life and this is because that person already had time to process the loss.

Stop asking your friends, avoid checking their social networks. Better take charge of your life.

Be patient, the rlove uptura It is a loss that needs the grieving process that can take months until your mind and emotions adapt to the change.

Other things you can put into practice is "look at the past to understand what happened and learn from experience, to the present as a moment where you are surviving and slowly recovering and the future as a place of possibilities where everything can happen, is true , but that much depends on you what you build in it ", concludes Mario Guerra.

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