Listen to your stomach

How to identify if it is the love of your life ? Although you do not believe it, your body gives you the keys to discover it, you just have to pay close attention.

Listen to these 4 parts of your body before deciding that he is the right one . Is it "The One"? Ask your stomach, nose, eyes, brain and, above all, your heart.


Listen to your stomach

When you are with someone that you really like, it is normal that you think you feel "butterflies in the stomach". The truth is that that sensation you experience is due to a release of dopamine that the brain releases at the stage of infatuation .

Science has shown that being in love is similar to the feeling of consuming cocaine, in fact, it offers the same intense charge of adrenaline.


Listen to your eyes

In accordance with BBC News , the love It does have the power to blind you for a few moments, or at least, blur your vision and fool your brain.

It is about that every time we are close to the person that we like our brain suppresses the neuronal activity associated with social evaluation, responsible for criticism towards other people and with negative emotions.

That is why you will hardly see any defect in your love, because you are unable to see that person with critical eyes and objective thoughts.



Listen to your brain and your heart in sync

And it is that the two are related. your heart it is the manifestation of brain functions; So you already know, you really need to listen to your heart to feel if the person you're with is right for you, because intuition can be a very powerful weapon.



Listen to your nose

Nothing more important than perceiving the essence of your beloved's body. The laws of attraction are complex, of course, but there are genetic and biological reasons why you can not seem to be satisfied with the delicious aroma of your boyfriend.

A bunch of molecules called the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) influences the genetic makeup of our immune system, including the smell of our body.

That's why these molecules affect the way you smell and the smells you're attracted to.

According to one study, women are attracted to men who have different histocompatibility molecules than theirs.

Through smell you can know, at least unconsciously, how compatible you are with your partner .

How are you? You already know what to do before deciding if he is "the good guy".

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