Foods that trigger migraine

Migraine is an affectation of the Central Nervous System characterized by constant and intense headaches, unilateral, accompanied by gastrointestinal and visual signs, among others. And because it is a very common malaise in young adult women, it is important to know what treatment exists for migraine.

In an interview for GetQoralHealth , the neurologist Alejandro Gutiérrez explains some other characteristics of this disease, as well as the various treatments currently used for migraine.

According to the University Clinic of the University of Navarra , Spain, are several factors that can trigger a migraine, for example, certain foods are triggers of the symptoms of the migraine, among them:

1. Chocolate
2. Male or mature banana
3. Coffee and black tea
4. Alcohol
5. Soft drinks (cola)
6. Dairy products (aged cheeses)
7. Sausages
8. Lentils
9. Walnuts
10. Fermented products derived from soy (such as soy sauce)
11. Nuts
12. Some fruits such as citrus, avocado, papaya, etc.
13. Some vegetables, such as tomatoes, peppers, pickles, cabbage, onions and others.

According to specialists, the properties of these foods contribute to variations in the blood glucose levels , propitiating drastic peaks and decreases in sugar for the brain , so they appear dizzy, tired and headache.

However, this condition can be complex and very variable, it has been observed that not all people have symptoms with the same foods, or consume the same amounts of them.

Therefore, it is recommended to identify the foods that cause us migraine, and as an action to avoid them or eliminate us from our diet. Also, include those that are rich in B vitamins Y omega fatty acids .

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