Find a partner with Facebook application

Social networks have become, given their high turnout, another way to find a partner. However, because everything starts in a virtual way, it is not always possible to really identify how compatible you are with that person that attracts you.

In this sense, to try to really discover how compatible you are with these potential partners in social networks, a new application of Facebook call On The Rebound .

In accordance with Anthony Coombs, who co-created the app with Jon Tran and the site of designer Taylor Lecroy , this new application integrates, unlike others, all the history of the people you have added to your profile, considering those common points or coincidences that would make them compatible.

On the Rebound graph each of the results, with each of the people you want to try, after filtering all your contacts by sentimental situation (single, separated or divorced) and by gender.

As explained by its creator, the application takes into consideration the time that friends have been single, as well as the frequency with which they have entered the relationships and the average duration of the same, which determines the score that will make them compatible.

However, one of the limitations is that only the "analysis" is carried out based on the information provided by each person in their profile, which implies that it is neither necessarily true nor sufficient to determine mutual interests. .

One of the advantages of this application, unlike others created for social networks, is that the results are not necessarily published with each of the people you choose to perform the analysis; however, as in the rest of the applications, you must authorize access to your profile data.

Although your average partner may be navigating on social networks, it is important to take into consideration that more than just a test is needed to achieve a healthy and satisfactory relationship. Although that does not mean you stop trying and have fun for a while.

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