Fill your life with joy!

Through the laughter We can conquer the loved one, but also improve our health. Laughing is an action that is carried out, often spontaneously; However, there are strategies that can make this an element of the routine daily

In accordance with Jaime Sanz Ortiz, specialist of the Service of Medical Oncology and Palliative Care of the University Hospital Marqués de Valdecilla , the humor it is a quality that allows to perceive the jocular experience even when the conditions of life are adverse. The sense of humor It is a natural ability of the human species that makes life richer, pleasurable and desirable, even when sick.


Fill your life with joy!

Laughter can reduce the blood pressure, improve the nervous system and decrease levels of stress, but how can you laugh more ? Here we tell you 7 strategies to get it.

1. That you do not care what they say. Do you worry about what people are going to say about you when they hear you? loud laugh and nasal? In accordance with Steve Wilson, psychologist based in Ohio, laughing at criticism allows you to discover the laughter that is part of your identity and self esteem, at the same time you get all the benefits of this action for your health.

2. Do not worry about being fun. There is a difference between being fun and having a sense of humor . For Karyn Buxman, motivational speaker and author of What is so funny about heart disease? There is no need to prepare a speech full of fun things or jokes to tell friends; it is enough to concentrate on enjoying and sharing laughter with the people who accompany you.

3. Reflect. Take note of what it is that makes you laugh and, every time you feel discouraged, look at your notes while you drink a cup of coffee in the company of a friend or co-worker. Social bonds increase laughter.

4. Discover your laughter. For Buxman, a sense of humor is very personal. What makes others laugh can be that you do not, that's why it's important that you know what makes you put a smile in your face.

5. Play In accordance with Katherine Puckett, National Director of Mind-Body Medicine at the Cancer Treatment Centers of the United States, Although it faces a serious illness, the game not only illuminates the mood but it benefits health through laughter.

6. Look for laughter. It does not matter if you are watching the news or the television. A title, a comment, lto laughter It can be present anywhere while you look for it.

7. That the place does not matter . It can be in the office, in the middle of traffic, walking through the park, you can always have a good joke at hand or remember an anecdote that causes you laughter.

Laughing more not only allows you to oxygenate better your organism, but it will also make your skin look more beautiful. Remember that your health is in your hands. Try it!

Video Medicine: Where joy hides and how to find it | Ingrid Fetell Lee (August 2022).