Stay safe and also your loved ones

During the holiday season car accidents increase up to 30%, alert the National Council for the Prevention of Accidents, so it recommends the responsible consumption shouldalcoholic drinks during the parties .

In this regard, the Municipal Civil Protection Operational Unit of Puebla exhorts motorists to create awareness and assume its own responsibility, not to put in risk to your loved ones or companions.


Stay safe and also your loved ones

In order for you to enjoy these holidays with joy and without excesses, it is important not to "throw away these recommendations that can save lives".


The drinks with alcohol they are psychoactive substances that generate changes in the mind, memory, thought , sensations and Will ", Explain Juan Manzur, Minister of Health of Argentina .

Because of the above, extend these recommendations :

1. If you drive, do not drink. The slogan for drivers is basically "zero alcohol".

2. If a friend drives, ask him not to drink alcohol.

3. Do not give your children alcohol or lend them the car.

4. If a friend took too much, accompany him at all times and do not let him drive or leave alone.

In this video , Jessica Paredes Durán, psychologist at the Fundación de Investigaciones Sociales (FISAC), explains how many cups it is considered that there is abuse of alcohol , Both men and women.

Remember that after having abused the consumption of alcohol the hangover appears or "Raw" which causes upset stomach, nausea and headaches. Do not take unnecessary risks and have healthy fun. If you take, do not drive!

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