Excess dangerous!

It covers every cell of the human body, and contributes to the production of hormones and vitamin D; However the cholesterol at high levels it is dangerous, especially in a country like Mexico that according to the last census of the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) 87 thousand people have died due to causes related to cardiovascular diseases.


Cholesterol can bind to fats and other substances in the blood, and over time they build up on the walls internal arteries . Which can become clogged or narrowed, reducing the Blood flow" , this is indicated by the American Heart Association.


Excess dangerous!

Have high levels of cholesterol It is a silent condition, so it is important to learn to reduce it and keep it under control. Therefore we give you following tips.

1. Glass of wine Moderate consumption (one glass a day) of red wine or grape juice lowers the levels of bad cholesterol and raises the levels of good, this due to its saponin content, indicates a study of the University of California.

2. Replaces. The viscera such as the liver, the yolk and the products with whole milk are full of cholesterol; You can replace them with cuts of lean meats, egg substitutes and skim milk.

3. One apple a day. Pectin and polyphenols (antioxidants present in the skin of apples) help to eliminate waste and toxins that are found in the body, improve the metabolism of lipids and reduce cholesterol levels. This is indicated by a study by the department of Nutrition of the University of Florida.

4. Goodbye to stress. Researchers of the Oregon State University They point out that stress and nerves seem to contribute to the excessive accumulation of cholesterol.

5. Eat more starches. According to a guide of the Ministry of Public Health, starches (complex carbohydrates) do not get fat and can lower your cholesterol levels by "diluting" the fat you eat. These are present in the bean or potato.

6. Great seasoning. Sprinkle a mixture of herbs with a little salt on your meat or use toppings with Low fat.

7. Slight movement. The habit of investing ten or twenty minutes a day in a light gymnastic routine, running or walking causes cholesterol to begin to drop.

Remember that in your hands is to take care of your heart and your whole body. Carry out these habits and improve your health. Beware!

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