Erythema nodosum is a common condition in women

According to the specialists of the American Academy of Dermatology, the erythema nodosum they are extremely sensitive and reddish lumps or nodules that appear on the legs and sometimes on the arms. They are the result of inflammation of the grease which is below the skin . The nodules look bruises and they change color, from pink to blue or brown. The eruptions can stay between a week and ten days.


Know the causes

According to dermatologists, although the erythema nodosum It is a rare condition, it is more common in women than in men, as well as in adults from 20 to 30 years old.

In about half of the cases the exact cause is unknown. However, it is believed that it may be some kind of allergic reaction caused by the following factors: infections caused by streptococcus ; viral infections as the hepatitis B ; fungal infections of the lung; psittacosis (parrot fever); sexually transmitted diseases as the chlamydia Y syphilis ; leptospirosis; leprosy or certain inflammatory conditions of the patient.

Pregnancy can also affect the formation of erythema nodosum or sensitivity to certain medications such as amoxicillin and other penicillins ; sulfonamides, iodides or bromides; some contraceptives oral, some antibiotics and the progestogen .


What are the symptoms?

The erythema nodosum It presents as a very sensitive bulge, as if it were a bruise but deeper, usually located in pimples, but can also occur in other areas of the body (buttocks, calves, ankles, thighs and upper extremities).

The lesions begin as flat, hard, painful, red and hot lumps approximately 23 millimeters in diameter. In a few days they may turn purple; then, for several weeks, they fade to a flat brown patch.

Other symptoms are fever , malaise, joint pain, inflammation irritation or redness of the skin , swelling of the leg or other affected area.


Diagnostic tests include samples of blood Y urine ; cultures of various body fluids (especially, throat culture to rule out infection by streptococci ); chest x-ray and other imaging tests to rule out sarcoidosis , or skin test to detect tuberculosis .


Treatment and prognosis

The erythema nodosum It is annoying but not dangerous. Identifying the cause will be treated with various medications, depending on the origin of the erythema. For nodules, pain relief is all that is needed.These tend to disappear by themselves in about six weeks and do not cause scarring.

If you identify some of the symptoms mentioned above, do not forget to go immediately to your doctor to treat this condition in time.

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