7 steps for you to leave it breathless

If you want to surprise your partner and renew your sexual techniques, oral sex is a new opportunity to achieve it. According to Kamasutra , there are some steps for a oral sex unforgettable for them.

According to the book The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana , before practicing oral sex you should ask your partner if she feels comfortable with the petting that are offered and the intensity with which it is carried out.

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7 steps for you to leave it breathless

If you want to end the routine , you just have to follow the following steps, remember that before doing it you must have good oral hygiene, intimate and use protection, to reduce the risk of contracting some sexually transmitted infection.


  1. Enjoy the texture. Hold the penis with your hand with one hand and place it between your hands, while moving the mouth throughout it in a soft and provocative way.
  2. Watch your partner's reactions. Cover the glans with your fingers. Press with the lips the sides of the male member and take small bites. Ask him if the caresses are to his liking.
  3. Take advantage of your lips. Press the glans between your lips and suck gently; In addition, you can caress another part of your body partner with your hands and increase the pleasure.
  4. Increase excitement Insert the penis in your mouth and press it between the lips. Take it out slowly and repeat the movement.
  5. Control the intensity. Modify the speed with which you hold the penis between your lips, this way you will increase more the desire of your partner .
  6. Enjoy the tour. Take the opportunity to caress the entire member of your partner with your tongue, it is a sensation that will enchant you.
  7. Close with a gold clasp. Place half of the penis in your mouth and you have stronger movements to suck it. The secret is to enjoy what you are doing to transmit that feeling to your partner.

Do not forget that while you perform oral sex you must pay attention to your breathing , since doing it by the nose will be more comfortable and pleasant for you. And you, what other oral sex techniques do you know?

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