Deadly tiredness!

It is an essential element in the feminine stock market, but either by an incorrect application or the inappropriate color the makeup beyond hiding defects can intensify them and accentuate physical and emotional states that you want to hide; example, fatigue.

In accordance with Sergio Medini, professional makeup artist of the international firm Sisley , points out that one of the usual mistakes that are made and that make a tired face is the application of illuminators.

They do not go in the whole eye, they go where the dark circles or the places that they want to get up. By putting it down the eye by the dark circles with the passing of the day begins to take a grayish color.

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Deadly tiredness!

However, if you want to avoid this situation, here are some errors of makeup that make you look tired, with information from thexperta in makeup and editor Augusta Falletta .

1. Monotony. Defining each of your facial features helps you to look more awake. It subtly defines eyebrows, eyes, cheeks ands lips.

2. Eyeliner. To avoid that raccoon look, only use water-resistant eyeliner on the line of the eyelash.

3. Too much dust . Dry skin, the dust tends to make it look older and more tired of itto clean skin . Do not exaggerate in your application!

4. Moisturizing cream. Never apply the makeup before I put a moisturizer on you. Putting makeup on dry skin can make it look more tired.

5. Beware of color. Gray is a shade that accentuates dark circles, avoid it in your eyeshadow.   

The best thing you can do to show off radiant skin is rest and, above all, take a balanced diet and add 30 minutes of exercise to your day-to-day. Beware!

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