Do you live your reality or the product of your imagination?

A lie can be a simple acceptance of what the other means, up to an elaborate process to indicate a deception. However, if this action occupies more than 30% of our day and influences our feelings (generates sadness or satisfaction) it can be noted that this natural process has become a disorder: it is spoken of a mythomaniac person.

Do you live your reality or the product of your imagination?

The lie is a process of evaluation, adaptation and intelligence. According to the specialist Eduardo Calixto, head and head of the Department of Neurobiology of the division of research in Neurology of the National Institute of Psychiatry "Ramón de la Fuente" , people lie 20 to 40 times throughout the day.

The problem arises when the sensation of lying when producing pleasure becomes an addiction, which prevents us from stopping. However, it is possible to distinguish a mythomaniac. Here we tell you 5 keys for them.

1. He is a convincing and manipulative person.

2. His speech is usually plausible, he has a talent for acting and knows how to act.

3.  He does not easily accept his problem, some stutter, change the subject constantly and say different versions of the same subject on different occasions and different people.

4.  In his speech indistinctly remnants of truth are mixed with fantasies.

5. What differentiates the mythomaniac from a lying person is that the liar invents lies to defend or protect himself, that is, with a purpose, but in the mythomaniac the compulsive nature of the lie prevails and without a source of motivation.

Lies allow us to survive our environment, but it is necessary that we learn to distinguish when these are getting out of control. If you feel that you are a victim of this disorder, it is necessary that you go with a health expert who has the knowledge to guide you. Beware!