Depression Detonates Depression

The addiction it's an emotional state of compulsive bonding to a thing or a person and originates from the belief that without that happiness can not be achieved. It consists of two elements, one positive and one negative, the positive element is the pleasure and the emotion, which is experienced when the object of desire is achieved. The negative is the sensation of threat and tension that occurs when thinking about loss.

This compulsion makes people vulnerable to emotional disorder and disintegrates peace in them. Most people cling to something, but there are people who choose that mode of connection with things and people to make it their way of life.

Many people have a hard time throwing objects because of their meaning or, in their case, getting rid of people out of fear of loneliness.

In the next video Ricardo Ponce explains how to get rid of the attachments and improve the emotional health :

The addiction it is the illusion that things are permanent, it is the resistance to change and the denial that everything ends someday. When you can not eliminate them, they become ballasts that little by little damage your emotional health .

It is true that things and people provide security, but one's happiness should not be based on them.

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