Centers against addictions will be supervised

In Mexico City only 17% of people who present a problem of abuse or dependence on drugs they are in treatment.

The centers that serve people with addictions in the capital of the country will be verified by the federal and local health secretaries.

Together with the newly created Institute for the Prevention of Addictions, both agencies will carry out, between this and next year, approximately 240 checks of centers specialized in addiction care

According to the health diagnosis contained in the institutional program for the Comprehensive Care of Psychoactive Substance Consumption in Mexico City, presented yesterday to the head of the capital's government, Marcelo Ebrard Currently, there is a wide range of self-help and ad hoc assistance services.

This does not rule out that in these spaces there are rare deaths associated with the mishandling of patients. Currently, there is no integrated network in the country's capital. care services to addictions, so that the DF government together with federal institutions will develop a consensus of public and private spaces of this type.

Armando Ahued Secretary of Health of the Federal District said:

"We have more than 240 centers in the city, public and private, what will now be done is regular those centers "," if these places do not meet the physical, hygienic, sanitary conditions, if they do not have a program against the rehabilitation of addicts, they will not be able to function and we will close them, "Ahued assured.

The Federal District Government has located at least 250 centers (public and private) that offer treatment for drug addicts.

The local Secretary of Health, Armando Ahued, stated that in the DF there are 32 medical units of attention to addictions and two toxicological centers .

With information from El Universal and Reforma

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