Tips vs weak nails

Do you want to show off long, healthy nails, but do they break with any movement, blow or writing on the keyboard? To keep this from happening, we give you the following tips for weak nails and get your goal.

In your house you can perform a manicure in only four steps, according to The Huffington Post , you just need to spend a few minutes to relax and enjoy this moment that will help you feel more beautiful:

1.- Lick them: To avoid brittle nails you must file them until they measure five millimeters, which is a practical size to carry out your activities. Do it in one direction, if you do it from one place to another you will only weaken them. Make a square shape with rounded sides.

2.- Soak your hands . In a bowl place water, whole milk and a little vitamin E. Soak your hands for five minutes. Dry your hands very well and gently push the cuticle towards your finger, never cut it.

3.- Exfoliates: Apply a gentle exfoliant for your hands, give a light massage and rinse with warm water. Apply a moisturizer with some anti-aging ingredients and sunscreen. This recipe will serve you:

Mix an ounce of ground almonds, a teaspoon of clear honey, a teaspoon of natural lemon juice, until a thick paste is left. Apply with a gentle massage and let it sit for three minutes. Rinse your hands with warm water without soap and dry them well.

4.- Light enamels: Apply a hardening base to protect your nails. Continue with a layer of enamel, let it dry and repeat the process. Finish with a transparent polish or shine so you have a longer lasting manicure.

Do not forget to remove the paint residue with a little nail polish remover, never do it with your nails or teeth, this will only hurt and make your nails more fragile.

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