Funny women keep men away

Have you ever felt bad about your partner's success? A study from the universities of Florida and Virginia suggests that successful women intimidate men.

In the research published in the journal Personality and Social Psychology It is detailed that the success of the couple directly influences the self-esteem of the man, since it creates negative thoughts on that subject.

Ratliff Mint, author of the study , explains that for men, the success of their partner represents the end of the relationship, which generates negative attitudes and behavior.

One of the reasons for male insecurity is the social structure of each country, that is, in Mexico the image is created that the man is the one who should be the sustenance and leader of his family.


Funny women keep men away

Success is not the only factor that intimidates men, since a funny woman also scares them. A study published in the magazine Evolution and Human Behavior , suggests that men value the receptivity of their mood and not the opposite way.

In the investigation they detail that most men distance themselves from an ingenious woman because they feel threatened, since they prefer to be the producers of humor in a relationship and that the woman is receptive.

However, the important thing to maintain a healthy relationship is to have good communication and self-esteem, to avoid external factors or personal characteristics affect the proximity. And you, do you feel intimidated by your partner?

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