Diet or change of eating habits?

After many efforts , for some women result frustrating find that after a short period, the kilos of those who had undone reappear And not only that, but they bring in a few more guests that make their lives impossible.


If you have decided to take a definitive step towards your Health Y wellness , of course, without neglecting the fact of feeling comfortable with yourself, it is important that you consider the recommendations of Adriana Ortemberg , author of the book The kitchen of Happiness, to keep your ideal weight without exposing your organism .


Diet or change of eating habits?

1. Do not put in your mind the idea that you are on a diet . It is better to assume that you have changed to a feeding healthy . It seems somewhat harmless, but the fact of thinking about diet is equal to restriction and this will make you more hard the process .

2. Change eating habits . For short periods it is not efficient, since once you leave it you will return to gain weight . The indicated thing is to opt for those that you know you can keep permanently, with enough portions to cover your needs nutritional .

3. The conviction . Your goal of lose weight it must go beyond that which suits you the clothes you will wear for a wedding; If you are clear about why you do it and the benefits that this represents, you can get attached to the changes without major problem.

4. Do not bet on the scale! First, remember that it is not appropriate to be weighed at every moment, that may be discourage you if you do not get the results immediate What are you waiting for. In any case, do it in a way monthly , so you can observe real changes .

5. Honesty first of all. Something very common is that before the world you try to make a change of feeding , but being alone gives you certain freedoms with the idea that they are not significant. These Weaknesses they can cause you problems . Do not limit food sharply, better reduce portions .

Adriana Ortemberg ensures that the self acceptance , if you learn to to love to you body from the depths of you, thanking you for everything you can do, without judging its shape or size, you can get rid of of the expectation to give it a perfection what has been imposed .

When accept that the simple fact of having movement, Health and to function properly makes your body beautiful, you will be in a position to treat it as it is: your temple . And do you work subsistence allowance ?

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