Dad, mom, I want a dog!

If you are one of those who refuse to buy a dog for your children because you feel that it will be a burden on your family, it gives you laziness just thinking that you will have to raise your stool, take it out for a walk and brush it; If you think this will only take time, keep reading because you will discover the Benefits that your children live with a pet since we were kids.

There are good reasons to encourage you to add a furry member to the family, discover the Benefits that your children live with a dog since his childhood because it helps his development.


Dad, mom, I want a dog!

Improve your adaptation. The canine psychologist Amparo Fortea He mentions that having a dog as a pet for an only child improves communication with adults and other children.

Increase your responsibility Entrusting a child between 3 and 7 years old with tasks such as serving her food, giving her water and brushing her, will make the child responsible for her pet.

They are happier. Children who live with your pet, forget the problems at home, generate a sense of organization and caress their body generates endorphins.

Empathy and respect. ForMaría Luisa Ferrerós, director of the Clinical Psychology Unit, points out when children live with their pet helps develop their autonomy.

They exercise. When taking it for a walk, the children run, jump and throw themselves to the grass, they makeexercise inadvertently; This is much better than having them in front of the computer entertained with the game console.

Improve your immune system The scientific journal Pediatrics He reported that 397 children who lived for a year with dogs had fewer health problems and even when they got sick, they required less medication than those children who had not lived with them. animals.

They avoid allergies. A study headed by the doctor Ganesa Wegienka and published in suggests that children who live with dogs and cats are less likely to develop allergies, Although this data was collected only in 566 children, it opens the possibility of continuing more studies on this aspect.

If you are already encouraging yourself to have a pet for your children, try to choose the right one for your family, take into account the space and time that will be allocated to their care and assign, from the first day, the responsibilities that each one of them will have. its members.

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