Control the orgasm

The charming actress Emma Watson she talks again, since she took the position as ambassador of the UN for equality, is an icon of feminism and he makes it clear now that he is in favor of the female sexual freedom and forget the taboos.

Emma Watson was in favor of a study that shows the different forms of satisfy to a woman, according to OMGYes . The study on female sexuality proposes the following variants with which Watson agrees:

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Control the orgasm

More intense orgasms going back at the last moment, which only 4 out of 10 women achieve.


Concentrate and enjoy each stage


The pleasure is located mainly in our head and we must have sensitivity to perceive each change


Surround and orbit

This is to generate indirect pleasure through the skin and a technique of drawing circles around the clitoris.


Follow the rhythm and multiply

Have almost musical movements with the couple and overcome the sensitivity to get multiorgasms


Insinuate and be constant

Provoke and only satisfy Occasionally as a strategy, but keep everything exactly the same as you like.

The analysis was carried out with the help of more than 2000 women, between 18 and 95 years old. Indiana University and the Kensey Institute offered advice on sexual techniques , advice and curiosities to live a sexuality More open.


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