Male damage that affects sexuality

Both women and men live in a different way diabetes . Regarding the exercise of sexuality, it also affects differently not only habits and customs, but also one's own sexual desire .

According to the Mexican Diabetes Federation (FMD), 27% of women with diabetes report some type of sexual dysfunction , while only 15% of women without diabetes show any dysfunction.

Up to 35% of women with diabetes may experience a reduction or absence of sexual response This is understandable because with the diabetic neuropathy the cells lining the inside of the vagina are damaged, resulting in dryness, which in turn causes discomfort during the sexual relationship (dyspareunia) , which ends up reducing the sexual response or desire.

If you constantly have high levels of blood glucose (hyperglycemia), the woman is more prone to vaginal infections, which can cause discomfort or bad smells, and consequently, encourage denial of sexual activity. In this case, in addition to treating the vaginal infection, it is necessary to promote an exhaustive control of the sugar levels.


Male damage that affects sexuality

In men, diabetes can damage the nervous system: either in the nerves of the penis or in the spinal cord, which can be affected (neuropathy); This can result in two ways:
Erectile dysfunction of variable severity.

Disorders of the ejaculation with the risk of infertility , as is the case when a part of the semen goes to the bladder during orgasm, instead of being expelled to the outside. This anomaly is called "retrograde ejaculation."

Diabetes damages the tissues by reducing oxygen and the muscles tend to be more fibrous and less extensible, therefore, the erection is less rigid and fleeting.

The erectile dysfunction It is a very common problem in diabetic males and is associated with diabetic neuropathy and peripheral vascular disease. 50% of men with diabetes develop this condition within 10 years of diagnosis

According to a study published in the journal Diabetes Care, erectile dysfunction is associated with an increase in stress caused by diabetes, worse metabolic control and very important increase in depressive symptoms. It can occur due to neuropathy, decreased blood flow and psychological factors.

The levels of nitric oxide synthetase (enzyme that accelerates the passage of L-arginine in nitric oxide -gas vasodilator that intervenes in one of the steps of the erection of both the penis and the clitoris- in the corpus cavernosum) are diminished in this type of sick people, in smokers and people with testosterone deficiency.

Diabetes can cause disorders in fertility , since seminal fluid ejaculation may be affected as well as hormonal (testosterone) and testicular alterations due to neuropathy and / or diabetic vasculopathy.

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