Baker's Asthma

Scientists of the Polytechnic University of Madrid they identified the development of a type of asthma caused by the constant inhalation of wheat.

The asthma of the baker, as it has been defined, is caused by various factors such as exposure to dust resulting from grinding, flour additives that are used to improve bread quality or reserve proteins.

This condition is difficult to treat because there is no knowledge of the specific allergen that causes the allergy, and therefore no specific immunotherapy has been developed for its treatment.

The team of Biotechnology and Plant Genomics Center of the Polytechnic University of Madrid identified some of these allergens; one of them is the Tri a 14 protein of lipid transfer that causes the inflammation of the mucosa of the allergic when it comes into contact with it.

It was known that this protein was a trigger of allergies, however, until now the mechanism by which it acted was unknown. With this finding, efficient immunotherapy treatments can be developed for those who are sensitive to this protein.

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Video Medicine: Baker's Asthma (January 2022).